Grandpa Noodle Gallery
Fresh. Healthy. Delicious.

Grandpa Noodle Gallery is excited to bring you a menu, based on traditional Asian recipes brought together with modern flavors, to deliver you the tastiest noodles in Ames! With indoor and outdoor seating available, our modern-earthy ambiance provides the perfect backdrop whether you seek a quick lunch on-the-go or a more leisurely, sit-down, family dinner.


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Locally-sourced Ingredients

From savory cuts of meat which are hand selected from local lockers, to in-season, locally grown produce plucked right from the vine. Grandpa Noodle Gallery believes in using only the highest quality, most nutritional ingredients, and we are pleased to support our local economy by doing so!

Curious about how our food is made?

We invite you to observe our cooking through our on-display kitchen. Witness first-hand as our culinary staff crafts the dough and makes our homemade noodles. Take comfort knowing your meal is being prepared with integrity by a staff who is just as passionate about noodles as you are!

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